Achieve your decarbonisation goals

We prioritise energy efficiency within our data centre designs and operations. Helping you modernise legacy data centre infrastructures in the quest to reduce energy consumption, improve power usage effectiveness (PUE) and operating costs.

DatacentreUK received Sustainability Impact Award

Winning the Schneider Electric Sustainability Impact Award is a testament to our unwavering commitment to sustainability. We are delighted to have been recognised for the work we have done to decarbonising our customers’ operations” said Paul Almond, Managing Director, Datacentre UK. “Sustainability is not a one-time achievement but a continuous effort towards building a better future. We are very aware that expectations on businesses like ours to demonstrate how we are decarbonising our own operations and those of our customers. We wanted to get ahead and play our part in the journey to net zero.”

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Energy efficiency is designed into all our solutions as standard. Energy efficiency is designed into all our solutions as standard.

Amid rising energy consumption, and environmental issues, prioritising sustainability and reducing energy consumption have become the most important considerations for us and our customers.

Our design engineers work with our customers to translate operational requirements into solution designed to minimise energy costs and promote sustainability.

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Our data centre security services stretch from protection against breaks ins and theft, through to real time monitoring of staff access
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Prefabricated Modular builds

Here at DataCentre UK, we design and build these self-contained infrastructures that contain all of the necessary power, cooling and security features that your IT equipment needs.
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Data centre monitoring (DCIM)

We provide end-to-end monitoring and management solutions to increase data centre visibility, improve your peace of mind and enable you to view anomalies before problems occur.
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Our DatacentreUK experts can review your current power plans or arrangements to ensure they meets the needs of your business or project. If an off-the-shelf solution isn’t suitable, we will work with you to deliver a bespoke solution. Contact our team to arrange a review today.