Modular data centers aligned to your exact requirements

Modular Data Centres

Modular and containerised data centres have become a popular solution to certain environmental and logistic challenges, whether that’s a temporary location or due to a requirement for a self-sufficient facility.

We are Schneider Electric partners with specialist experience working closely with our customers to design and implement secure, self-contained infrastructures that contain all of the necessary power, cooling and security features that your IT equipment needs.

Our modular data centres also come with full Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) functionality.

Through our longstanding partnership with Schneider Electric, we are proud to offer the following solutions…


The SmartShelter is the ideal solution for those looking for a larger, more robust data centre solution. This container holds a considerable amount of infrastructure, whilst providing significant levels of protection, power and cooling. SmartShelter can be deployed in remote areas with limited construction support.


Simple and compact, the SmartBunker micro data centre is quick and easy to deploy. SmartBunkers range from units that fit into the corner of small office spaces, through to generously-sized cabinets to serve enterprise businesses.

Keeping critical data secure in your workplace, the SmartBunker is insulated to protect against any unwanted disasters, such as flooding or malicious damage. This complete range of micro data centres comes equipped with cooling capabilities to minimise energy loss.

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Our DatacentreUK experts can review your current power plans or arrangements to ensure they meets the needs of your business or project. If an off-the-shelf solution isn’t suitable, we will work with you to deliver a bespoke solution. Contact our team to arrange a review today.


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