Defense and High Security Solutions

– for the toughest environments

Our modular and mobile prefabricated solutions offer unparalleled security, portability and flexibility Unlike traditional buildings made from bricks and mortar which once built cannot be relocated. At our UK factory, we build data centers, comms rooms, technical buildings or deployable operations centres which can be pre-engineered, tested, and commissioned in a controlled environment prior to delivery. This agile approach allows your organisation to closely align requirements for technical space, infrastructure expansion and delivery timescales with capacity demands. Our solutions can be delivered worldwide to any country or theatre as required and can be relocated and redeployed as needed.


Our designs are built with sustainability and efficiency as standard. From technical rooms to data centres we are able to reduce energy use and operational costs though smart design and best of breed efficient products.


Rooms are designed and built so they can be shipped anywhere – conforming to the toughest standards including:

LPS 1175 SR1 to SR5 plus options to meet UK Government NPSA standards.

ModuSec GS: NPSA rated product. Approved for UK Government use. For details contact NPSA

The LPS1175 commercial standard is recognised worldwide SR5 should be considered as appropriate for critical assets or vulnerable locations. Options also available to provide blast protection – tested with 100Kg of TNT plus ballistic protection up to FB6.


We supply and install single and 3 phase uninterruptable power supply (UPS) solutions based on customer requirements for scalability, efficiency and manageability with scalable runtime solutions and utilising either VRLA or Li-ion battery technology. Extended runtimes can be achieved with standby generators.


Rack, row and room cooling to delivery high efficiency cooling matched to IT load. We are able to offer Rack Door, In Rack, In Row and perimeter room cooling solutions along with airflow management solutions to ensure correct airflow and maximum efficiency by preventing hot and cold airstreams mixing.


Our rooms have a standard certified 90-minute fire protection, both outside – in and inside – out. We also install fire detection suppression solutions designed to protect critical data and assets with HSSD / VESDA systems to provide early alerting to potential issues.


We offer a range of rack and open frame solutions to meet all requirements. With best in class static load capability and a range of rack accessories including HID locking handles and biometric access control. We install and configure intruder detection systems, building alarms with remote notification and CCTV systems with local or cloud video storage.


We design and install the complete electrical distribuition infrastructure for our buildings including Automatic Transfer Switches for connection to emergency generators, External Bypass switches and Tempest power filters. All installed and tested to the latest British electrical standards and in accordance with application requirements.


From physical and environmental monitoring to fully functional data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) we offer tailored solutions designed to meet specific requirements including temperature and humidity monitoring, leak detection, and hydrogen monitoring.


Tempest / EMI / RFI shielding options available to NATO SDIP-27 standards

Key features

Cost effective – typically a prefabricated solution can reduce operation costs by up to 60%

Ready for duty – pre-designed and pre-engineered ready for use.

Future proof – whitespace can be reconfigured to suit application.

Scalable – designed to be scalable to match current and future requirements.

Rapid deployment – designed to be quick to deploy for rapid response

Reusable –  Can be moved and redeployed as required

Sustainable – Made from 100% recyclable materials and design to be efficient.

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Our design and security experts can review your requirements and create drawings for presentation. We offer a full turnkey service from groundworks to physical security and IDS.


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