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Consultancy & design with your trusted data centre advisor

Datacentre UK’s highly-skilled and experienced team is ideally placed to provide strategy and business case development to companies looking to design, build or improve an existing data centre or server room.

Our team is passionate about delivering the highest standards of design, with a focus on the specific needs of our clients, as well as remaining in line with industry best practice.

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We’re on hand to discuss your specific requirements

Our clients are safe in the knowledge that decades of experience in this complex field, along with key industry accreditations, means Datacentre UK is not only a safe pair of hands, but a trusted advisor that applies informed and innovative thinking to every project.

We’re here to talk 08:30am-5:30pm, Monday – Friday on 03448754555


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Prefabricated Modular builds

Here at DataCentre UK, we design and build these self-contained infrastructures that contain all of the necessary power, cooling and security features that your IT equipment needs.
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Our data centre security services stretch from protection against breaks ins and theft, through to real time monitoring of staff access
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Data centre monitoring (DCIM)

We provide end-to-end monitoring and management solutions to increase data centre visibility, improve your peace of mind and enable you to view anomalies before problems occur.
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