Delivering cyber and physical security for your data centre

Security Solutions

Implementing and maintaining a secure data centre is critical. You need resilient and robust solutions that help protect your data centre 24/7.

Here at DataCentre UK, we provide a range of options to protect your business against data centre threats. The safeguarding and security of your data centre stretches from protection against break-ins and theft, through to round-the-clock monitoring of staff access.

With extensive experience designing, building and managing data centres, Datacentre UK is ideally placed to recommend the best security solutions for your business that ensure your applications receive the protection they need to operate at optimal levels, around the clock.

Biometric Access

Traditional methods of data centre access security, such as PIN codes, access cards and keys, can be easily lost, stolen or misused.

Biometric Access Control uses the latest technology to monitor and allow access for authorised personnel through fingerprint scanning.

Whether you need biometric locking systems at your main entrance or just on a single server rack, we will install them for you, helping to ensure you are compliant with data centre security standards.

Environmental Monitoring

Real-time environmental monitoring is crucial for today’s ever-changing data centre to ensure your servers are performing at their optimal levels.

With cybersecurity dominating the headlines, it’s easy to forget that environmental factors like temperature, humidity, airflow, smoke and electricity can have an equally detrimental effect on your IT equipment.

Here at Datacentre UK, we provide a range of scalable environmental monitoring solutions to assess your server rooms and data centres, measuring the full spectrum of environmental factors and providing real-time data to minimise environmental risk and reduce costs.

Physical Security

We make physical security a top priority too, offering smart solutions that helps protect you from break-ins, theft and wrongful access.

Some of our solutions include CCTV and video surveillance, that we can install to cover your data centre perimeter, entry points and individual cabinets.

Linked with real-time monitoring tools, your physical security solutions allow you to access information and receive alerts on what’s happening in your data centre so that you can make real-time, business-critical decisions.

Data Centre Infrastructure Management

We are recognised Schneider Electric partners, enabling us to provide EcoStruxure Data Centre Expert to our customers.

EcoStruxure Data Centre Expert offers you end-to-end data centre infrastructure management, monitoring and controlling the power, cooling, security and energy usage of your data centre.

Our team of data centre experts assess your environment, and through developing and understanding your business objectives, we select and deploy the right EcoStruxure modules so that you can monitor and control exactly what you need to, through a simple and user-friendly interface.

The fully scalable EcoStruxure management solution provides you with expert power readings, environmental readings and camera images from any site on your network, along with user-defined reports and instant fault notification and escalation to enable quick resolution of critical infrastructure events.

We ensure your EcoStruxure solution is rapidly deployed so you can manage your data centre from anywhere, analyse real-time information instantly and integrate it with other management systems.

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Our DatacentreUK experts can review your current power plans or arrangements to ensure they meets the needs of your business or project. If an off-the-shelf solution isn’t suitable, we will work with you to deliver a bespoke solution. Contact our team to arrange a review today.


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