Solutions for a secure, resilient and scalable data centre

Here at DataCentre UK, we provide a full range of data centre services from biometric access control to data centre cooling solutions.

All of our solutions can be adapted to meet the unique IT needs of your business.

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Our award winning solution

With key strategic supplier partnerships, Datacentre UK provides direct access to all of the top hardware manufacturers and software developers operating in the industry today.

Cloud and data centre colocation

We offer innovative cloud and data centre colocation services that enable your staff to collaborate efficiently, wherever they may be.
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Data centre cooling

In a bid to improve energy efficiency and create greener data centres, we provide cooling solutions that help lower your business's carbon impact and reduce operational costs.
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Data centre fibre and cabling

With more than 20 years' experience designing, building and managing data centres, we are ideally positioned to provide structured cabling solutions for your data centres and server rooms.
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Data centre monitoring (DCIM)

We provide end-to-end monitoring and management solutions to increase data centre visibility, improve your peace of mind and enable you to view anomalies before problems occur.
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Data centre power

We offer smart power solutions to increase the uptime of your data centre, giving systems at the centre of your IT network an efficient power source to run on.
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Defense and High Security Solutions

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Prefabricated Modular builds

Here at DataCentre UK, we design and build these self-contained infrastructures that contain all of the necessary power, cooling and security features that your IT equipment needs.
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Our data centre security services stretch from protection against breaks ins and theft, through to real time monitoring of staff access
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