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All our modular room builds have options to meet NPSA forced entry standards for the protection of UK Government assets, information or critical national infrastructure.

Rooms are designed and built so they can be shipped anywhere – conforming to the toughest standards including:

LPS 1175 SR1 to SR5 plus options to meet UK Government NPSA standards.

The LPS1175 commercial standard is recognised worldwide – using a professional attack test team that have full working knowledge of the materials and makeup of the test items. SR1/2 use small hand tools. SR3/SR4 mainly use larger manual tools such as axes, sledgehammer, etc. SR5 and above includes a range of powerful, but commonly available powered cutting tools. Testing includes all joints and fixings to existing building fabric, doors, etc. SR5 should be considered as appropriate for critical assets or vulnerable locations.

Options also available to provide blast protection – tested with 100Kg of TNT plus ballistic resistance to EN1522 FB4 (.44 Magnum handgun) or FB6 (AK-47)

EN 1630/EN 1627

An EU standard for burglary resistance for building elements, including curtain walling. Not strictly certifiable for composite panel walling, but the SR5 option was independently tested under EN1630/EN1627 guidelines to pass RC5. LPCB guidelines are available on SR equivalence for RC1 to RC5.

EMI / RFI Shielding options available. Tempest / EMSEC

Our standard rooms offer 90-minute fire protection, inside out and outside in, also offering protection from water ingress, providing high thermal efficiency and incredible strength. Structural integrity maintained over the life of the building due to its non-porous solid core.

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Product Features

Security and Environmental Monitoring

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