Prefabricated Data Centres

Unlocking Agility and Versatility

Prefabricated data centres offer the ability to build, configure and deploy the entire solution offsite and deliver it anywhere in the world.

Datacentre UK are able to offer turnkey solutions using standard and non standard IOS containers as well as prefabricated modular rooms with a steel support frame ovvering the best of both solutions


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Prefabricated data centre

Key Features of a Prefabricated Data Centres

Customizable Sizes for Optimal Fit

Choose from either a standard ISO sizes or let us create a prefabricated data centre tailored precisely to your specifications. The flexibility in sizing ensures the perfect fit for your data centre demands, no matter how unique

Seamless Expansion with Modular Design

Our Prefabricated Data Centres support effortless scalability. Multiple units can be securely bolted together to create a larger technical white space, providing room for growth without disrupting ongoing operations.

Technical White Space, Your Way

Create your ideal data centre environment with internal technical white space configurations. Choose between raised access floors for enhanced cabling and cooling management or opt for a standard configuration for a versatile setup.

Made in the UK for Speedy Deployment

We take pride in fabricating our Prefabricated Data Centres right here in the UK. This approach accelerates deployment timelines, minimizing lead times from purchase to installation, and allowing you to start leveraging your data centre faster.

Why Choose DatacentreUK’s Prefabricated Data Centres

  • Mobility and Reusability: Take your data centre on the go! Our Prefabricated Data Centres are designed for easy transportation to multiple sites, making them an ideal solution for temporary or remote deployments. Enjoy the added advantage of reuse, optimizing your investment across various projects.
  • Agility and Scalability: Prefabricated Data Centres offer unmatched agility and scalability, adapting to your changing needs with ease.
  • Made-to-Order Solutions: DatacentreUK caters to your precise requirements, ensuring your Prefabricated Data Centre aligns perfectly with your operational goals.
  • Quality and Durability: Our steel constructed buildings boast exceptional durability, safeguarding your valuable equipment and data in all environments.
Prefabricated Data Centre Installation from DCUK
  • Expert Support: From initial consultation to installation and beyond, our expert team is dedicated to delivering a seamless experience, guiding you through every step of the process.
  • Sustainable and Cost-Effective: Prefabricated Data Centres are designed with sustainability in mind, reducing construction waste and offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional data centre builds.
  • Unlock agility, flexibility, and mobility with DatacentreUK’s Prefabricated Data Centres. From ISO standard sizes to bespoke solutions, embrace a new era of data centre versatility.
  • Contact us today to explore our Prefabricated Data Centre options and discover how we can transform your data infrastructure with rapid deployment and tailored solutions. With DatacentreUK’s Prefabricated Data Centres, reimagine your data centre strategy for a dynamic and connected future.

Prefabricated Data Centre – South Warwickshire NHS Case Study

See how SWFT deployed two module data centre buildings ahead of a hospital renovation to provide primary and secondary data centre locations