Schneider Electric EcoStruxure IT Advisor

EcoStruxure IT Advisor is a next-generation data centre planning, modelling and optimization software that enables you to react to events before they escalate into high-visibility problems, allowing you to be the person that your customers and internal stakeholders love to never hear from.
This software provides you with one single source of truth for information related to your data centre assets — eliminating dependency on spreadsheets and simplifying how you are managing your assets today.


Capacity Planning Key Benefits

Know where to place the next server by planning and analysing the infrastructure.

  • Instant server placement recommendation through real-time analysis of available data center capacity.
  • Easily identify stranded capacity to extent the lifespan of your facility.
  • Leverage out-of-the-box, pre-configured reports for faster analysis of capacity forecast, inventory, free U-space, server utilization.
  • Integrations with VMware vSphere and HP OneView from the IT layer and the physical infrastructure layer to automatically migrate impacted virtual machines from an impacted host server

Change Management Key Benefits

Reduce human error and deploy best practices across all moves, adds, and changes with workflow automation.

Manual effort in change management process can result in the Data Center staff experiencing duplicate requests, bottlenecks, and delays. If this is familiar to you, then your team is missing a structured way to handle changes on the data centre site.

  • Create work orders and automatically generate tasks to move, add or change IT and infrastructure equipment.
  • Define processes to ensure human error is reduced and best practices are deployed across all moves.
  • Track asset moves, adds and changes by date/time, owner and work orders for view, print and export.
  • Leverage an interactive interface showing past and pending changes to assist with resource and workload balancing, avoiding scheduling conflicts.
  • Provides auto-discovery of assets managed by Cisco UCS Manager.
  • Easily integrate IT Advisor with your existing management systems, including ITSM ticket systems and CMDB to help you manage work orders more accurately

Risk Planning Benefits

Can you safely shut down a device or do you need to reduce the IT load first? The Impact Analysis report indicates how incidents may impact your devices and infrastructure.

Power loss was the single biggest cause of data centre outages, accounting for one third of outages in 2019. Networking issues were close behind, at 31% according to an Uptime Institute survey.
60% of survey respondents said their data centre’s outage could have been prevented with better management/processes or configuration

  • EcoStruxure IT Advisor gives you insights into how incidents may impact your devices and infrastructure.
  • Budget power at every connection point and avoid overloading a power circuit to maintain uptime.
  • From end to end, document and understand every node in your network to identify single points of failure and decrease troubleshooting time.

Measurable Benefits

  • Optimize temperatures and asset lifespan Achieve a three year ROI of 80%* by adjusting the temperature in the data centre to the ideal setting
  • Reduce power consumers. Identify and eliminate zombie servers to save up to 30% on power, cooling, maintenance, and license cost.
  • Limit risk of downtime. 25% of all data centres have experienced an outage within the last year** – reduce the downtime by understanding your UPS and data centre capacity constraints.

* Source: 451 Research, DCIM Software Adventures in ROI
** Source: Uptime Institute, Data Centre Industry Survey

Deploy EcoStruxure IT Advisor your way

Cloud-based or on-premises
EcoStruxure IT Advisor provides you with flexible deployment options. Choose to deploy it as an on-premises solution or benefit from the ease of the Schneider Electric cloud to get you up and running in minutes, with no server deployment needed.

Get started with EcoStruxure IT Advisor

  • Get access to the IT Advisor server
  • Download the desktop client
  • Learn from our Customer Success Managers how to make the most out of the tool
Puget Sound Energy on Keeping Customers Energized: How EcoStruxure™ IT Enables 24/7 Data Center Resiliency

Tasked with keeping their customers energized to ensure continuity of critical services like Emergency Medical Services, Puget Sound Energy relies on the EcoStruxure IT data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution for comprehensive visibility.