6 Signs Your Business Needs a New Data Centre Solution

In today’s digital-first world, data is the core part of any business. Without it, businesses, NHS trusts, local government, schools and universities wouldn’t have the capability to fully understand their customers, patients, competitors or students to make data-driven decisions or measure the effectiveness of their strategies.

Managing data and the equipment required to store and process can be a challenge, and you may already suspect it’s time for a new data centre solution – outdated systems, increasing data volumes or an inefficient critical physical infrastructure are just a few of the common issues which businesses face.

Here are six tell-tale signs that indicate it might be time to consider an upgrade:

1. You just don’t have enough space to house all IT equipment

The amount of data businesses generate is constantly increasing. In fact, 328.77 million terabytes of data are created each day. To put that into context, is estimated that 90% of the world’s data was generated in the last two years alone.

That’s a lot of data. Meaning your business needs to be prepared for the data volumes it is receiving and processing.

Global data generated annually infographic
Credit: Exploding Topics

The growing data volumes you’re experiencing will result in performance issues, such as slow processing times and storage limitations.

Data velocity is crucial in any business, so ensuring that you are creating and analysing data in real-time will give you better data-driven decisions, ensuring the long-term success of your business.

2. You’re unable to scale at the rate that your business is ready for

Picture this: Your business is thriving. Your teams are growing. But you’re struggling to take your business to that next level.

Sound familiar?

It may just be time to consider an alternative data centre solution. As your business evolves, the way your data is handled should keep track. This ensures your data solution can grow seamlessly alongside your business.

Modern data centres offer modular solutions that allow you to easily add resources as needed, so features that you may struggle with at the moment, such as accommodating for new applications, users or storage requirements, can all be solved with the help of a new data centre solution.

3. Integration is difficult

It’s not a great situation when you’re unable to integrate your data centre with other tools or features. Not only does it make your job more difficult, but it’s not allowing you to manage your data efficiently and gain the important insights you need to make decisions.

Modern solutions, like modular data centres, offer a high degree of flexibility and integration capabilities. Modular data centres are built using standardised units that can be easily combined to create a solution perfectly tailored to your specific needs. This allows for seamless integration with existing infrastructure and future expansion plans.

We offer customised, turn-key solutions for modular data centres, handling everything from groundwork to fibre optic cabling and connection to existing services. This eliminates compatibility issues and ensures all components work together seamlessly.

4. Operational costs are driving you up the wall

There are a few reasons why your bills might be higher than you expected.

A data centre with outdated equipment might be causing energy-efficiency issues, leading to higher energy bills, or you might be paying for a larger data centre which you just don’t need.

Here at Datacentre UK, ensuring that your data centre is the most efficient and modern it can be is part of our founding philosophy. Our design engineers collaborate with you to translate your needs into solutions that minimise energy costs and promote sustainability, so you can be sure that we’ll help you save on costs wherever possible.

5. Security and compliance is a constant worry

It’s incredibly important to keep sensitive information safe, but as more and more businesses need to process this information and compliance regulations evolve, you’ll want peace of mind that your data centre solution is secure.

The number of people affected to date by data breaches in 2023 is at 364,121,588, with 89,240,580 caused by hacking.

We offer a number of options to protect the physical data centre and its contents.

6. Timely and actionable insights are impossible to retrieve

Without informed decision making, you’re essentially making decisions based on guessing, which doesn’t put you in a strong position compared to your competitors.

Data centre software solutions such as Schneider Electric EcoStruxure IT Advisor will help act as a central hub for data centre planning, modelling, and optimisation. EcoStruxure IT Advisor allows you to proactively identify potential issues before they escalate into major problems.

Another great option is the Schneider Electric EcoStruxure IT Expert, a cloud-based, vendor-agnostic solution that offers comprehensive monitoring and visibility into your physical IT infrastructure, regardless of location. Real-time data, along with benchmarking and assessments, provides the insights you need to proactively manage your IT environment.

Our modular data centres come equipped with full DCIM functionality. This allows for remote monitoring and alerting of all critical data centre systems, providing complete visibility and control over your entire infrastructure.


If you’re experiencing any of the above, it might be time to consider upgrading your data centre solution.

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